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Southwest Fireproofing Products

Popular UL Design Table

1 1.5 2 3 4
Protected Floor Designs D-739 B B B B B
D-788 B B B B B
Unprotected Floor Designs D-949 B B B B B
Concrete Floor Designs J-704 - - B B B
J-709 B B B B -
J-718 B B B B B
Protected Roof Designs P-701 B B B - -
P-741 B B B - -
Unprotected Roof Designs P-921 R R R - -
P-937 B B B - -
Wide Flange Columns X-772 C C C C C
Y-725 C C C C C
Pipe and Tube Columns X-771 B B B B B
Roof Beams/Joist Columns S-739 B B B B -
S-740 U U U U -
R = Restrained Assembly or Beam, B = Restrained Assembly & Unrestrained Assembly, C = Column (R & U not applicable)
5 GP gypsum 15 pcf 5 MD/gypsum 22 pcf 7 GP/Portland 22 pcf 7 HD/Portland 40 pcf

5 GP, 5 MD, 7 GP and 7 HD listed in all designs. For exterior exposure applications, use Carboline's Pyrocrete products. Thickness tables for popular designs are also available here.