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Sprayed Fire Resistive Materials

Thickness Adjustment Tables for Popular Designs

Thickness adjustments for alternate size steel beams and columns are possible using the proprietary thickness data in many fire test designs and by using the generic thickness adjustment equations in the ULI Fire Resistance Directory.
For your convenience we have calculated the available adjusted thicknesses for the following popular designs:

Column Thickness Adjustment Charts
X771 - Pipes X771 - Rectangular X771 - Square Y725 - Wide Flange
Beam Thickness Adjustment Charts
D949/N791 - LW
D949/N791 - NW
P741 J718 S740
Thickness When Flange Tip Thickness is Reduced by One Half
D788 - NW D949/N791 - LW J718 P741
D788 - LW D949/N791 - NW S740 Y725
NW = Normal Weight Concrete, LW = Lightweight Concrete

While we have made great effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, we will not be responsible for errors or inaccuracies or for any misuse of the linked information. For final authority refer to the most current edition of the fire test design, available at ULI's online Directory.